Why Us
E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE is the Security Control Equipment Supplier company that exists to meet security control needs in the market. Ever since its establishment in 2010, we have become one of the fastest growing company in the field, delivering desirable quality of products and services, such as Security & Access Control Products, such as CCTV, Door Access, Home Alarm System, Voice & Video intercom system, DVR Recorder System, Auto Gate System, Finger Print time Attendence System, and more.

We also understand that a smart buyer like you are always looking for the best price, best deal and best brands that suits your demand. Well, most of the time the lowest price is not necessary the best deal. Here are some good reasons for choosing us and how we are different from others.


Until present time, we are committed to our core values:

 Fast Response – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE maintains a quick response to minimize the customers' down time. With this, Eye Control has built up a good image and trust among all customers.

 Experienced, Skilful and Highly Motivated Workforce – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE constantly maintains experienced, skillful and highly motivated workforce to effectively fulfill and provide the right solutions for all their security & access control needs.

 R&D – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE aims to be innovative and reformed in this industry.

 QC – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE makes sure that all selection of products have to pass the quality control test in order to obtain a high-quality standard the customer deserve.

 Cost Efficiency – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE operates with cost efficiency in mind, hence, the competitive price. However, quality is not compromised.

 Our Promise – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE provides integration service for you. Hassle free and you don't have to worry about tech support and warranty coverage.

Thank you for believing in us. We are aspired to be leading and be recognized as the strongest Security & Access Control Products Supplier in Malaysia.

E-Zone Service Centre是一家拥有市场上最全面的安全设备供应公司。我们的公司坐落在雪兰莪州的乌鲁巴生,安邦。本公司由2010年开始服务大众,如今已发展成为最 受客户信赖公司。我们销售及推广一系列的安全及保安系统,如安全和访问控制产品,闭路电视,门禁,家庭报警系统,语音和可视对讲系统,DVR录像机系 统,自动门系统,指纹考勤系统等等。

为了满足顾客的需求,我们还提供满意的价格,各种优惠及高品质品牌。最便宜的价格并不代表是最好的。不过我们这里却不同,接下来我们让您知道选择E-Zone Service Centre的好处。



 快速回复 - E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE保持快速的响应,以节省用户们的时间。因此可以在顾客心目中建立良好形象和信任。

 经验丰富,娴熟和充满活力的人力资源 - E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE不断聘请经验丰富,精湛的技术,态度积极的员工,并为顾客提供最优秀的安全和访问控制需求的最佳解决方案。

 研究和开发 - E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE的目标是在这个领域成为最创新和改革的公司。

 品质管制 - E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE的所有的产品必须通过质量控制测试,以获得一个高质量的标准。

 成本效率 – E-ZONE SERVICE CENTRE在工作上充分考虑,所以在成本上拥有额外的优惠。然而,质量也不会受到任何影响。

 我们的承诺 - E-ZONE SERVICE CENTR 承诺提供您集成服务。选择我们,开始享受无忧无虑的服务,不必再为技术支持和保修服务感到困扰!

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